WORTHINGTON — More than two years after the city of Worthington initiated litigation against the previous Hotel Thompson owners for failure to care for the property, legal proceedings have come to a close following a Monday morning motion hearing.

The city filed the lawsuit in June 2018 against then-owners Curtis and Theresa Williams, Wells Fargo Bank and all residential and commercial tenants after a leaky roof and pest infestation became a public health concern. In September 2018, the court appointed Lighthouse Management Group as the property's receiver after the Williamses stopping paying the mortgage and utilities. Lighthouse subsequently managed the building, but the city was the entity that financed pest remediation and purchased materials to replace the roof.

Following the sale of the building in September 2019 to Clark Unlimited Properties, Fifth Judicial District Judge Gordon Moore approved the final terms of purchase between the involved parties, which included an agreement by Lighthouse to pay the property's outstanding real estate taxes and to reimburse the city of Worthington for the $183,000 of taxpayer money it had spent to try to save the building.

As of Monday, "neither the buyer nor the receiver owe each other any further payments," Moore wrote in a court order, adding that the receiver (Lighthouse) has fulfilled its financial obligations to the city and to Clark Unlimited Properties. He terminated the receivership, allowing the new owners to take complete control of the property's management.

"This case is hereby dismissed," the order concluded. The lawsuit is finished, and the Thompson is already undergoing a facelift under its new stewards.