WORTHINGTON — A Worthington man was in police custody this week after reportedly stabbing someone outside The Atrium apartments last Saturday evening.

Worthington police officers responded to the Sanford Worthington emergency room Saturday night to investigate a report of a person who had a stab wound in their abdomen, the criminal complaint says. The injury was serious enough to cause life-threatening internal bleeding, and the victim had to be flown to Sanford in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for surgery.

At first, the victim reportedly stated they couldn't remember what had happened, but the next day notified law enforcement that they'd like to make a statement. The victim identified Blas Palma-Alvarado, 60, as the person who had stabbed them.

According to the victim's statement, they and Palma-Alvarado had been arguing and a fistfight ensued. Palma-Alvarado then returned to his apartment and came back with a long knife. When the victim saw the knife, they removed an outer shirt and wrapped it around their arm for protection, after which Palma-Alvarado stabbed the victim in the abdomen. The victim thought they were going to die and walked to Sanford Worthington for medical treatment.

After hearing from the victim, officers went to Palma-Alvarado's residence and arrested him for first-degree assault, which carries a maximum possible sentence of 20 years in prison and/or a $30,000 fine and has a mandatory minimum sentence of 12 months and one day in prison.

Police interviewed Palma-Alvarado after his arrest. He reportedly told officers he had been fighting with someone who "made an aggression against him," and that he couldn't fight with his fists because one of his hands was injured. He then went to his apartment to get an iron stick to defend himself, and when he came back outside, the victim was still there, "so he figured the victim was looking for trouble."

Palma-Alvarado reportedly mimed stabbing the victim once in the stomach, and said he noticed the victim was bleeding and told them they were going to die and to call the police.

Palma-Alvarado also noted in his statement that the victim was unarmed and that his hand injury stemmed from a previous incident.

During their investigation, officers discovered two spots of apparent blood on the sidewalk outside The Atrium and recovered a sharpening steel, a wood-handled knife and a black steel rod from Palma-Alvarado's apartment.

Atrium security footage from the time of the assault shows Palma-Alvarado enter the building, return with a knife and swipe it at the victim. The victim is then seen holding their abdomen.

Palma-Alvarado is being held in Nobles County Jail on bail set at $30,000 with conditions or $60,000 without conditions.