PIPESTONE — A Pipestone resident is in police custody after reportedly leaving a series of threatening voicemails for a social worker at Southwest Health & Human Services.

Southwest Health & Human Services reported July 20 that Forrest Erks, 54, of Pipestone, had left five messages on the office voicemail, claiming that a SWHHS social worker caused the death of his father and making threats of violence toward this social worker.

In the messages, Erks is heard making statements including, "I can knock [social worker's] teeth out or break her nose"; "Send [social worker] to [his address], then send the ambulance to pick her up"; and "You better look out Monday morning — I want some answers, you [expletive]."

Southwest Health & Human Services also provided an audio recording of an earlier conversation Erks had had with the social worker. In the recording, Erks is heard telling the social worker, "I'm going to come out there and crack your [expletive] skull open."

Erks was arrested and charged with felony threats of violence, an offense that carries a maximum possible sentence of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine. He was released from custody Monday after posting $2,500 of conditional bail.