WORTHINGTON — A Chaska resident was sentenced on a 2016 Nobles County criminal case Monday, where it was determined she will not have to serve any more time.

Noy Maomee, 35, was arrested in Nobles County in May 2016 following a traffic stop. She amassed seven charges, including illegal possession of a firearm with the serial number scratched off. As part of her plea deal, she pleaded guilty to charges VI and VII, DWI and a fifth-degree possession offense, and the other charges were dismissed.

The presumptive (or typical) sentence for her crimes is a 17-month prison term with a stay of execution, Fifth Judicial District Judge Gordon Moore explained. However, Maomee received credit for 681 days served, including 624 on a federal offense, which far exceeds the presumptive sentence. Maomee elected to demand execution of sentence, meaning that the 681 days would cover the 17-month prison term, and she would avoid being put on probation.

Maomee will also have to pay a $50 fine.

"I hope for your sake and your family's sake that this is the last time you appear before a judge," Moore told Maomee. "I really hope you've learned something and can continue moving forward."