WORTHINGTON — Khampong Thammalong, 30, formerly of Worthington, received his sentence on two 2019 Nobles County criminal cases Tuesday.

Thammalong pleaded guilty to count I in a September 2019 drug case, the offense of possession of methamphetamine paraphernalia. As part of his plea agreement, the remaining charges in that case were dismissed, along with all charges in an earlier case wherein Thammalong was accused of check forgery and theft from a local business.

Although the theft charges were dropped, Fifth Judicial District Judge Gordon Moore ordered Thammalong to pay restitution in that case — $500 to P&J's Mini Mart and $1,085.42 to the business owner.

Moore followed the presumptive sentence recommended by the state in the matter of the meth paraphernalia possession. He sentenced Thammalong to 13 months in prison, with a stay of execution, allowing Thammalong to serve up to three years of supervised probation in lieu of prison time. Thammalong will also have to pay a $1,000 fine to the state.

Thammalong now lives in Rapid City, South Dakota, and his probation officer gave him a "glowing" review, according to Moore. The judge encouraged Thammalong to continue doing what he needs to do in order to stay sober and productive.