WINDOM — A Windom resident was in police custody after an Aug. 26 report that he had beaten a victim at the Red Carpet Inn in Windom.

The reporting party explained that the victim had texted them and said that Tristan Gilb-Boldt, 23, had beaten them, prompting the reporting party to call the police. At first, the victim was afraid to speak to officers, saying they were afraid Gilb-Boldt would kill them if they spoke to law enforcement, but eventually gave an account of what had happened.

The victim stated that they had gone to Gilb-Boldt's room at the Red Carpet Inn. A verbal argument began, and Gilb-Boldt allegedly extinguished a lit cigarette on the victim's arm, then held a knife to the victim's face.

When Gilb-Boldt went to the bathroom, the victim reportedly fled the room and began running across the street to the South Windom Apartments, where law enforcement met them.

The victim repeatedly stated that they were afraid of Gilb-Boldt and that Gilb-Boldt would kill the victim if he found out they talked to police, showing officers a threatening text message Gilb-Boldt had sent about an hour earlier.

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While executing a search warrant on Gilb-Boldt's motel room, police found blood on the bed sheets and an open pocket knife on the bed. They also discovered a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, as well as a plastic bag containing two units of lorazepam and five units of clonazepam, both Schedule IV controlled substances.

Gilb-Boldt was arrested and charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, felony domestic assault and two counts of fifth-degree drug possession. Each offense is considered a felony, and the most serious — assault — carries a maximum possible sentence of seven years in prison and/or a $14,000 fine, but not less than one year and one day in prison.

If convicted, Gilb-Boldt will be sentenced based on his criminal history. He has numerous previous convictions for domestic violence.

Gilb-Boldt is being held in Cottonwood County Jail on bail set at $75,000 with conditions or $150,000 without.