WORTHINGTON — Ashtin Johnson, 20, of Adrian, is scheduled for his first court appearance Monday for his alleged involvement in a break-in and theft at Lismore Bar.

Johnson is a former bar employee, and security footage from a July 18 break-in shows two men entering the bar and taking $55 from the register.

When police arrived, the building was unlocked. The bar manager told police they suspected Johnson because he had been fired from the establishment and had still had a key — and a key was found at the scene left in the front door. All other employee keys were accounted for.

Johnson's landlord reportedly told police that it looked like Johnson had moved out. Johnson was later located by the Hubbard County Sheriff's Office, which allowed a Nobles County deputy to speak with Johnson.

When the officer told Johnson on the phone that security footage showed two men breaking in and that witnesses said one of the men was Johnson, Johnson allegedly responded, "Two guys broke into the bar, right? And you said a key was used… yeah?" The deputy had not said anything about a key being used.

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Although at first Johnson denied his involvement in the break-in, he later agreed to work with Nobles County detectives. He implicated the other person involved in the break-in, and participated in a recorded phone call with him.

Because of his cooperation, Johnson received a summons rather than being arrested. He was charged with third-degree burglary and third-degree conspiracy to commit burglary, both felonies with a maximum possible sentence of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine, and misdemeanor theft. If convicted, Johnson's actual sentence will be based on criminal history.

No charges have been filed for the other individual allegedly involved in this case. Because Johnson was never arrested, he has no mugshot.