WORTHINGTON — A local woman is making her way through the judicial process after being accused of stealing merchandise from Walmart.

Loss prevention reported the alleged theft to law enforcement on the grounds that Kayleigh Monzulla, 32, of Adrian, had repeatedly taken items through the store's self-checkout and either covered barcodes, placed more expensive items underneath less costly ones so the cheaper items would be scanned or simply not scanned every item in her bags. It's alleged that between May 6 and May 26, Monzulla did this 12 times and stole a total of $2,265.83 worth of merchandise.

When police arrived at Walmart in response to the report of theft, they were informed that Monzulla was currently inside the store. When confronted, Monzulla allegedly said she had forgotten to pay for some of her items and asked to go back through the checkout. On this occasion, she reportedly only paid for $19 worth of merchandise but left the store with $339.70 worth of items.

Monzulla was charged with felony theft, which carries a maximum possible sentence of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine. She received a court summons to appear on this charge.

Although her initial court appearance was scheduled for Tuesday, Monzulla waived her right to the initial hearing.