WORTHINGTON After being accused of multiple criminal offenses last November, an Adrian resident pleaded guilty to the charge of stalking and received his sentence Tuesday.

Jimmy Solis, 35, was arrested last fall when a woman reported that he had repeatedly come to her home and entered without her consent. He was charged with a number of offenses, including first-degree burglary, stalking, trespassing and property damage.

Solis pleaded guilty to stalking, and the remaining charges were dismissed. At his sentencing hearing Tuesday morning, Solis received 38 months in prison, but with a stay of execution ― meaning that if he successfully abides by the terms of supervised probation for five years, he will not need to serve the prison sentence.

As part of the terms of probation, Fifth Judicial District Judge Christina Wietzema ordered Solis to write a sincere letter of apology to the victim in this case.

Solis must also pay a $1,000 fine and $1,113 of restitution to Nobles County for expenses associated with extraditing him for the court proceedings.