WORTHINGTON ― A plan to escape from police custody was unsuccessful and led to additional charges for a Worthington resident.

Simon Gebrehiwot, 21, was arrested last month under suspicion of possession of stolen property, illegal firearm possession, assault and threats of violence.

While being held in Nobles County Jail, Gebrehiwot required medical attention, so a correctional officer accompanied him to Sanford Worthington Medical Center. Gebrehiwot was put in belly cuffs for the duration, and when he asked to be unshackled for an X-ray, was denied.

However, Gebrehiwot's jumpsuit was reportedly full of vomit, so he asked to be allowed to go in the bathroom and change. While putting on clean clothes, Gebrehiwot also asked for alcohol wipes to clean the places where he had been pricked with a needle. As the correctional officer was looking down to grab another wipe for him, Gebrehiwot allegedly bolted, telling the officer, "See you, sucker" before running out of the bathroom in an attempt to escape.

As Gebrehiwot entered the emergency room lobby, the first set of sliding glass doors reportedly did not open fast enough, and he ran directly into them. Hospital staff prevented the outer set of doors from opening. The correctional officer caught up with him, and Gebrehiwot was taken back to Nobles County Jail.

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In addition to charges already filed, Gebrehiwot now faces another criminal case in which he is charged with attempted escape from custody, a felony that carries a maximum possible sentence of two-and-a-half years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine. If convicted, Gebrehiwot will be sentenced based on criminal history.

He remains in Nobles County Jail on bet set at $50,000 with conditions or $75,000 without. His initial appearance in this new case was Monday.