EDGERTON — A man accused of domestic assault appeared in court Tuesday to face his criminal charges.

A victim reported Nov. 1 that Ryan Nelson, 26, of Renner, South Dakota, had been lying on the couch with the victim when he grabbed the victim by the hair and lifted them off the couch. Nelson then allegedly swung the victim around the house by the hair and choked and kicked the victim. The victim said they could not breathe while being choked and thought they were going to die.

Police observed various injuries on the victim's body.

A warrant was issued for Nelson, and he was brought into police custody Nov. 5 and charged with domestic assault by strangulation. The offense is a felony with a maximum possible sentence of three years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine, but if he's convicted, Nelson will be sentenced based on criminal history.

Nelson was released from Pipestone County Jail Nov. 12 after posting bail bond, and his initial court appearance was Tuesday afternoon. A Domestic Assault No Contact Order was issued to protect the victim throughout the court proceedings.

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