LIME CREEK ― An Avoca man is facing charges for 11 criminal offenses in relation to an incident that occurred in southern Murray County last weekend.

A juvenile reported to law enforcement that they had been driving with passenger Chad Schroeder, 33, who was extremely intoxicated. Schroeder had become upset and violent toward the driver. When the driver pulled over, Schroeder then reportedly drove away, leaving the juvenile on the side of the road.

Police located the vehicle half a mile down the road in a ditch, along with a drunk and angry Schroeder. He told officers he had had "a whole bottle" of alcohol, and the juvenile produced two nearly-empty bottles of Fireball whiskey from the front seat of the vehicle.

At first, Schroeder reported that he did not remember his own name, and he refused to perform field sobriety tests or submit to a preliminary breath test. Officers arrested him and took him to the Murray County Sheriff's Office.

Schroeder reportedly continued to be uncooperative upon arrival at the sheriff's office, and he had to be physically picked up and placed in the holding cell. As the officer was leaving the cell, Schroeder reportedly jumped them, causing a bleeding lip.

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While waiting in his cell, Schroeder began having medical problems, so an ambulance was called. He was reportedly cooperative and peaceful toward the ambulance crew on the way to the hospital. Once there, however, he again attacked police and emergency personnel.

Schroeder was later booked into Lyon County Jail and charged with the following: felony fourth-degree assault of a peace officer, inflicting demonstrable bodily harm; two counts each of fifth-degree assault, domestic assault, fourth-degree DWI, open bottle law violation, reckless driving and disorderly conduct, all misdemeanors; and gross misdemeanors of two counts of obstructing ambulance personnel and one of obstructing the legal process.

Schroeder was released on his own recognizance Tuesday. He is scheduled for his initial court appearance Monday.