WORTHINGTON ― A Brewster resident is scheduled for an initial court appearance Tuesday after being accused of issuing a dishonored check.

Police were notified by Specnique in Worthington that Nichole Valdez, 38, had purchased lenses and frames in the amount of $1,154.64 and paid for them by check, and the check was returned and marked "closed account." Specnique then sent a demand for payment by certified mail, but the letter was returned as "unclaimed."

Law enforcement investigated the claim and learned that the checking account Valdez had used to write the check had been closed since 2017.

Valdez was charged with issuing a dishonored check, a felony that carries a maximum possible sentence of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine. If convicted, Valdez will receive a sentence based on criminal history.

She was summoned to appear in court rather than being arrested, so she does not have a mugshot.