WORTHINGTON — Worthington police arrested last weekend one of three suspects thought to be involved in thefts from Worthington's Runnings store and Luverne's Bomgaars.

Law enforcement responded Sunday evening to Runnings when the back door alarm sounded, and management noticed that footprints and tracks from dolly wheels led away from the door. While an officer spoke with store employees, a man was apprehended trying to leave the store with unpurchased merchandise.

The man was identified as Dominic Condon, 44, of Yankton, South Dakota. Security footage showed him attempting to leave the store with $364.98 worth of merchandise, which he had walked past all points of sale. Surveillance also showed two other men entering the store with Condon, and one of them allegedly left the building with $1,529.95 in stolen merchandise.

In an interview with police, Condon reportedly told an officer that the two other men had picked him up from Sioux Falls, South Dakota earlier that day and had given him "a line" of drugs. The three had then gone to Bomgaars in Luverne, where the two others had robbed the place. Then they traveled to Worthington, where the other two told Condon he needed to come into the store with them and help them steal merchandise. They offered him another "line" of drugs in exchange for his participation.

Once inside, Condon explained, the other men handed him a backpack off the shelf and told him to fill it with merchandise and leave through the front doors. Then the three split up.

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Condon was arrested and charged with aiding and abetting theft, a felony with a maximum possible sentence of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine. He also faces a charge of misdemeanor theft. If convicted, Condon will be sentenced based on criminal history.

He is being held in Nobles County Jail on bail set at $8,000 with conditions or $20,000 without. His initial court appearance is set for Jan. 7.