WORTHINGTON — Convicted of first-degree drug sale, a St. Peter man will serve probation in lieu of a prison sentence.

Parker Mathewson, 23, was arrested last February when during a traffic stop, a Worthington police officer discovered 153 pounds of marijuana products inside a vehicle Mathewson was driving. Both Mathewson and the passenger were charged with two counts of first-degree drug sale and one count of first-degree drug possession.

Mathewson pleaded guilty to one count of sale, with the other charges dismissed in the plea agreement. He received his sentence Wednesday.

At the sentencing hearing, Mathewson told the court, "I'm really sorry. ... I wish I could go back, but unfortunately, we have to live with the decisions we've made."

His defense attorney, Clayton Tyler, described Mathewson as "one of the nicest clients I've ever had" and "a very respectful individual."

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Fifth Judicial District Judge Terry Vajgrt sentenced Mathewson to 78 months in prison with a stay of execution, meaning that he will be allowed to serve five years of supervised probation instead. He also ordered Mathewson to pay a $1,000 fine, which he may work off through community service.