EDGERTON — An Edgerton man was arrested over the weekend after allegedly threatening to blow up the community.

An individual came to the Pipestone County Sheriff's Office Feb. 13 to report that Jorge Medina, 22, had made threats toward them. They played an audio recording of a phone call with Medina, during which Medina can be heard saying, "I have enough ammunition to blow up this entire [expletive] town."

The person asked Medina if he was threatening Edgerton, and he replied, "yeah, I am." The person then asked why he didn't leave Edgerton if he didn't like the town, and Medina said, "I have people to take down first."

Medina can then be heard telling the other person to "beware" and that "If your family ever comes near me ... I will kill them, every single one of them." He said that he had multiple firearms and made threats toward specific people.

Medina was arrested and charged with terroristic threats, a felony that carries a maximum possible sentence of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine. If convicted, he will be sentenced based on criminal history.

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Medina was released from Pipestone County Jail Tuesday after posting non-cash bond. His initial court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 23.