WORTHINGTON — An early Tuesday morning traffic stop resulted in the arrests of two individuals who were driving through Worthington.

Driver James Shannon, 58, of Tioga, North Dakota, and passenger Laurie Day, 51, of Hugo, both told police that they had just met that day, but their stories reportedly didn't match up. Since both had previous arrests on their records, officers asked to search the vehicle, and Shannon and Day consented.

With the help of a K9 officer, police searched the vehicle and found a total of 776.5 grams of suspected methamphetamine.

Both of the vehicle's occupants were arrested and charged with first-degree drug sale and first-degree drug possession. Each charge carries a maximum possible sentence of 40 years in prison and/or a $1 million fine and a mandatory minimum sentence of 65 months in prison. If they are convicted, Shannon and Day will be sentenced based on their criminal history.

Both are being held in Nobles County Jail. Day's bail was set at $50,000 with conditions or $100,000 without; Shannon's bail was set at $75,000 with conditions or $150,000 without.