WINDOM — A Windom woman is scheduled for a court appearance next week for a criminal case in which she has been charged with theft from a family member who is a vulnerable adult.

The Windom Police Department received a report in February from the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center that stated a vulnerable adult was concerned that a relative, Shawna Osher, 41, had possibly stolen the victim's debit card and was using it to make purchases.

Questionable transactions included liquor (which the victim was not old enough to buy), a tattoo, payment of a DISH bill, a cash withdrawal and four transfers to Osher's bank account. The total was calculated to be $1,189.

In an interview with law enforcement, Osher reportedly said she hadn't worked in about eight months. She explained that she doesn't trust the victim with their debit card (which has access to money the victim earns by working a job) because they would "go out and buy whatever." She added that she hoped people wouldn't "exploit" the victim because they are vulnerable.

Osher denied having taken money from the victim but admitted that she used their card to buy liquor. When investigators continued to press her, Osher reportedly became verbally aggressive toward law enforcement.

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She was charged with felony theft, which carries a maximum possible sentence of five years in jail and/or a $10,000 fine. If convicted, she will be sentenced based on criminal history.

She received a court summons, and her first appearance is set for Wednesday morning.

Because Osher was not booked into jail, she does not have a mugshot.