SLAYTON — Less than a year after receiving probation for a series of farm equipment thefts, a Slayton man is back in jail facing multiple criminal charges.

A warrant was issued April 9 for the arrest of Randall Rogers, 43, after two area victims reported that he had attempted crimes against them.

One Slayton resident stated April 7 that Rogers had driven his truck up to the gas barrel on their property. The victim heard Rogers open his gas cap, realized Rogers was about to steal gasoline and went outside to intervene. The victim provided a picture of the truck Rogers was driving.

A second Slayton resident told police later that day that Rogers had attempted to break into a metal hoop shed, which the victim rents to store farm equipment. The victim had been alerted by a trail camera that someone was near the shed, and photographs showed a person parked next to the shed opening the latch.

The victim drove over to the property and found Rogers, whom the victim had known for many years. Rogers was allegedly trying to get into a camper on the property when the victim arrived. The victim questioned Rogers about what he was doing there, and Rogers reportedly stated that the property owner was meeting him. The victim called the property owner, who said they did not have plans to meet with Rogers.

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When the victim again questioned Rogers, Rogers allegedly grew angry and left, but not before the victim took several photos of Rogers and his truck.

The victim inspected the property and discovered that Rogers had not been able to get into the shed, and nothing had been stolen. They told police that when they had begun renting the shed about a year ago, the property owner told the victim that tools had been stolen from the shed in the past, and that the property owner had always suspected Rogers of the thefts.

Looking at the photos provided, the investigating officer recognized Rogers from previous contacts. The truck shown in the photos was found to be registered to Rogers.

When police went to Rogers's residence to question him about the alleged crimes, he refused to answer the door, so they requested a warrant.

Rogers was arrested on the warrant April 12 and charged with attempted third-degree burglary, a felony that carries a maximum possible sentence of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine, and attempted theft, a misdemeanor. If convicted, Rogers will be sentenced based on criminal history.

He is being held in Lyon County Jail on bail set at $20,000 with conditions or $30,000 without. His initial court appearance is set for Monday morning.