WORTHINGTON — A Worthington resident is in police custody after a minor reported that he had been sexually touching them for some time.

Last Friday, a school counselor contacted police to alert them that a student had disclosed having been sexually assaulted by Israel Morales-Erazo, 39, who has a significant relationship with the victim. The victim said this had been happening for quite some time. They had told their mother about it in August, and the touching stopped for a while, but Morales-Erazo had allegedly begun touching the victim again.

An officer responded to Morales-Erazo's residence to arrest him. While talking with police, the victim's mother said she did not believe the victim's story.

Morales-Erazo was charged with second-degree criminal sexual conduct, indicating that the victim is under 16 and has a significant relationship with him. The felony offense carries a maximum possible sentence of 25 years in prison and/or a $35,000 fine, but if convicted, Morales-Erazo will be sentenced based on criminal history.

He is being held in Nobles County Jail on bail set at $15,000 with conditions or $30,000 without. A pre-trial Domestic Abuse No Contact Order has been issued on the victim's behalf.