LEOTA — Execution of a search warrant in Leota Township Wednesday resulted in the arrest of a resident.

Inside the home, officers discovered the following: pipes with marijuana residue; rolling paper; a rolling machine; marijuana dugouts; multiple scales; multiple grinders with leafy plant material; a bong; multiple packages of THC gummies; THC in wax and liquid forms; a container of coca; vacuum-sealed bags of suspected THC/tobacco mixture; a 9mm pistol; and multiple containers of leafy green plant material.

The Marijuana products totaled 36 pounds in weight all together.

Two witnesses in the home said they had seen Tytus Decker, 32, selling drugs. Decker told police that he was the only resident of the house who was selling.

Decker was arrested and charged with second-degree drug sale and third-degree drug possession. The more serious charge, sale, carries a maximum possible sentence of 25 years in prison and/or a $500,000 fine, but if convicted, Decker will be sentenced based on criminal history.

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He was released from Nobles County Jail Thursday after posting non-cash bond.