JACKSON — A Jackson County duo will split the restitution ordered as a result of their breaking into Heron Lake Elementary last fall.

Parker Kolander, 21, was originally charged with felony third-degree burglary for the offense, but pleaded down to a conviction of gross misdemeanor fourth-degree burglary and misdemeanor possession of stolen property.

The victims filed for restitution in the following amounts: $17,411.21 to EMC Insurance and $2,500 to Heron-Lake Okabena Public Schools. Kolander will pay the total together with his co-defendant, Patrick Preston. He was also ordered to pay a $250 fine, and he's now not allowed with 250 feet of HL-O property.

At the same sentencing hearing, Kolander was sentenced on two other cases.

He was charged with felony-level offenses of first-degree property damage and possession of burglary or theft tools for an incident in which he attempted to break into a claw machine inside the Heron Lake Laundromat. Kolander pleaded guilty to the property damage charge, and the other charge was dismissed.

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Fifth Judicial District Judge Darci Bentz granted Kolander a stay of imposition in this case, meaning that she declined to impose a prison term. Instead, Kolander will serve two years of supervised probation and pay a $500 fine.

He also faced sentencing for the burglary of a Belmont Township home in which he participated last July with co-defendant Benjamin Novack. He was originally charged with second-degree burglary, but pleaded down to third-degree burglary. Bentz sentenced Kolander to one year and one day in prison for this offense, with a stay of execution in favor of two years of supervised probation.

In this case, Kolander is to pay a $500 fine, and $1,014.40 of restitution will be split between the defendants. He is not allowed within 1,320 feet of the property.

Novack's case in this matter is still pending. If it goes to trial, Kolander will be required to testify.