MOUNTAIN LAKE — Mountain Lake resident Jay Maokhamphio has been charged with a felony level count of terroristic threats after allegedly threatening to run someone over with his car.

A victim called the Mountain Lake Police department on Oct. 15 to report she had received a threatening voicemail from Maokhampio, and that he was currently outside her sister’s house, where the victim was staying.

Police were dispatched to the home. On the way, an officer reported seeing Maokhampio’s car driving down the street. Police arrived at the house, where the victim played the voicemail with Maokhampio reportedly threatening to run her over when he saw her next.

After checking at Maokhamphio’s house, the victim told police Maokhamphio was outside another residence, where police spoke to him about the incident. According to the report, Maokhampio admitted to leaving the victim the threatening message.

If convicted, Maokhampio faces a maximum five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.