WORTHINGTON — Jessica Ruth Johnson, 37, of Lakefield, has been charged in Nobles County Fifth District Court with felony-level possession of ammunition and/or firearm after being convicted of a crime of violence.

The charges stem from a Nov. 10 incident in Worthington, when a law enforcement officer noticed Johnson driving on Minnesota 60. The officer was aware that Johnson did not have a driver’s license.

During the traffic stop, Johnson reportedly admitted to using methamphetamine about two days prior. Due to Johnson’s behavior, the officer asked her to perform standard field sobriety tests. Following the tests, she was placed under arrest.

When the passenger exited the vehicle, the officer observed a black purse on the driver’s side floor board. Inside the purse were clear plastic baggies containing a crystal-like substance, all of which field-tested positive for methamphetamine. A .22 caliber bullet was located on the passenger side floorboard.

Johnson is ineligible to possess ammunition due to a conviction for a crime of violence in 2004 that involved terroristic threats. Johnson stated that she’d borrowed her car to someone the day before and when it was returned, she observed bullets inside her vehicle. She said she’d asked the individual to clean them up.

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For possessing the ammunition, Johnson faces a maximum 15 years imprisonment and/or a $30,000 fine, with no less than five years imprisonment.

Johnson is also charged with gross misdemeanor fifth degree drug possession; misdemeanor operating a motor vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance; and driving after cancellation.