‘Do You Believe?’ comes to Worthington

WORTHINGTON -- "Do you Believe?", a Christian film from the creators of the movie "God's Not Dead," is coming to Worthington on the weekend of March 20.

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WORTHINGTON - “Do you Believe?”, a Christian film from the creators of the movie “God’s Not Dead,” is coming to Worthington on the weekend of March 20. 

Doug White, senior minister for Worthington Christian Church, said due to the success of “God’s Not Dead,” he thought bringing another Christ-based movie to the area would be a hit.
“Last year, with ‘God’s Not Dead,’ we initially only intended for the movie to be here for one weekend, but because of the success of the movie and everyone attending, it actually was here for four weeks,” White said.

Like last year, there are free tickets available, but there aren’t as many because of scheduling conflicts. Only 250 free tickets are available to the public for the March 20 weekend.
“Last year we made it free for the whole weekend and we ended up being able to make it free for the whole first week, and I think that really helped drive how well the movie (‘God’s Not Dead’) did,” White said.
This year, with the Feed My Starving Children event the week after the “Do You Believe?” premiere, White said some pastors felt there was not enough funds to try and make the movie free for an entire week again.
“So our church committed to the 500 tickets to get it here,” White said. “You have to commit to the 500 tickets for opening weekend to get movies like this that aren’t as widely produced to your town.”
“Do You Believe” follows 12 people from different walks of life who each discover there is power in the cross of Christ, even if they don’t believe it yet. When a local pastor is shaken by the faith of an old street-corner preacher, he is reminded that true belief always requires action. His response ignites a faith-fueled journey that powerfully impacts everyone it touches.
“Pure Flix, the company that created ‘God’s Not Dead,’ once again put out a great product,” White said. “The focus of the movie is the cross of Christ and what that means for us as Christians.”
White said the goal is for the movie to have a success similar to “God’s Not Dead” and to keep “Do You Believe?” in theaters for another three or four weeks after the opening weekend.
“I think that this movie is very timely with the Easter season, and will resonate with Christians,” White said.
White explained that bringing faith-based movies to the community is extremely important to him.
“This is my passion with these kinds of movies - and not to take away what the movie theater does, but Hollywood puts out some junk,” White said. “(It’s) stuff that we don’t agree with, and stuff that doesn’t help our society.”
White cited the blockbuster film “Fifty Shades of Grey” as an example.
“That doesn’t portray a man and woman relationship in a good way,” he said.
White said while bringing faith-based movies to town can be a difficult process, the effort is well worth it.
“We have to do these kinds of things to get them to our communities and I think by what we did with ‘God’s Not Dead’ last year, it’s well worth the effort,” White said. “I know people were talking about that (for) weeks, and people in other states knew what we did.”

There will be 10 showings of “Do You Believe?” at Northland Cinema 5 on March 20-22. Churches can purchase the tickets at a discounted rate for their church groups, youth groups or small groups that would like to go. For more information and to get free tickets, call Worthington Christian Church at 376-3418.

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