WORTHINGTON — Tuesday's District 518 school board meeting included a presentation of the year-to-date budget and spending. The report provided indicated that the district is $4 million under budget so far this year.

The reason for underspending is mostly that the budget was written with a cushion in place for unexpected expenses, but there haven't been many of those this year, explained district director of business management Dave Skog.

The board approved a number of projects Tuesday, including purchasing a generator for the high school that would kick on in the event of a power outage. District technology director Amy Ernst said the new generator will only take 10 to 15 seconds to automatically reboot the technology system, so school activities can proceed as normally as possible.

The board discussed the potential sale of a piece of district-owned property for $17,250 per acre for a total of $53,475. Board chair Brad Shaffer didn't feel comfortable authorizing the sale because the district paid about $19,000 per acre for the property in question.

Board member Steve Schnieder explained that overall prices are taken as an average. Some properties are being sold for more than the district paid originally. He assured the board that in the long run, the district will not lose money.

The board ultimately voted 6-1 with Shaffer opposed.

Other actions by the board Tuesday:

  • 550 iPad minis were declared surplus property.
  • Purchase of two Special Education vans approved.
  • Approval of furniture and equipment quotes for the Learning Center building.

Landgaard reported to the board that district staff interviewed one architect candidate for the W.E.L.L. project Tuesday and will interview the other candidate today. A hiring decision will follow the interview process.