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Student stars

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Photo 1: Worthington High School Students graduating with highest honors are (front row, from left): Kristy Workman, Diana Rivera, Claire Ludes, Taylor Hastings, Jessica Darling, Lindsay Bents, Autumn Arnt, Fairy Apolo, Lilo Herzig. Second row: Brianna Newman, Dawn Geertsema, Brittin Fauskee, Smile Bu, Kendrick Bickett, Cole Bents, Karter Honius, Bailey Kruse. Third row: Anneke Weg, Max Langerud, Kyle Janssen, Anya Hartzler, Raul Flores Jr., Natalie Demuth, Taylor McCarvel. Back: Emma Thuringer, Erin Smith, Isaac Sanchez, Catalina Nguyen, Kelly Newman, Jamie Newman and Stewart Merrigan. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)

Photo 2: Worthington High School Students of Excellence recognized at Wednesday's Academic Awards Banquet are (front row, from left): Victoria Vasquez, Emma Thuringer, Mason Byrne, Lindsay Bents, Lay Yu Paw, Dale Hansen. Back: Dominic Burns, Stewart Merrigan, Logan Huisman, Brianna Newman, Max Langerud and Natalie Demuth. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)