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Private Industry Council awarded grant

MARSHALL — The Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council is one of five applicants awarded a $95,000 Youth Skills Training (YST) grants to develop and implement paid-learning opportunities for students 16 years of age and older. Thirty-three partnerships throughout the state applied for this second round of grants.

The grants are part of a Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (YST@DLI) program, which was signed into law in 2017 with bipartisan support, to create and provide employment training for student learners ages 16 and older in high-growth, high-demand occupations.  

The Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council will grow and facilitate training and paid learning opportunities through a position titled “Career Pathway Navigator” devoted to the partnerships. The position will also provide a sequenced continuum of career development activities and experiences for students addressing Career Awareness, Career Exploration and Career Preparation accomplished through a series of related credit bearing classroom instruction and employer-supported paid experiential learning work opportunities.

For more information about how a company or school can be involved, contact Eriann Faris at (507) 476-4053.