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Area young writers win awards at Creative Writing Contest

Worthington students attending the 15th annual Creative Writers Conference Awards Ceremony on April 14 in Marshall were (from left) Geovanny Vicente Ixcoy, Joshua Vasquez Chavez, Marah Darling, Ashley Noerenberg, Marjwok Owar Ojha and Aunna Groenewold. (Special to The Globe)

MARSHALL — Several Worthington students participated and received awards at the 15th annual Creative Writing Contest, which hosted its awards ceremony Sunday at Southwest Minnesota State University.

The Creative Writing Contest gives students a chance to express themselves by writing fiction or nonfiction stories or poetry. The program is designed to encourage love of language and writing for all students, and is a way to recognize talented young writers.

A total of 192 submitted entries were written by 116 students from 15 school districts and individual families. Students in third through 12th grade entered the contest in one or more of poetry, fiction and nonfiction categories..

At Sunday’s ceremony, it was revealed what place the students won in — first, second or third — and what entry piece placed them in the top three. Awards and a printed anthology were given to students in recognition of their winning entry. In addition, first-place winners in all categories and grade levels were awarded a $20 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble.

Among the area students winning awards were: Marjwok Owar Ojha, Worthington; second place, grades 3-4 poetry; Royalle Siedschlag, Slayton, third place, grades 3-4 poetry; Eli Johnson, Bingham Lake, third place, grades 9-10 poetry; Allen Souksawan, Worthington, first place, grades 11-12 poetry; Royalle Siedschlag, Slayton, first place, grades 3-4 nonfiction; Geovanny Vicente Ixcoy, Worthington, first place, grades 7-8 nonfiction; Mia Nixon, Worthington, second place, grades 7-8 nonfiction; Joshua Vasquez Chavez, Worthington, third place, grades 7-8 nonfiction; Ashley Noerenberg, Worthington, first place, grades 11-12 nonfiction; Alden Klassen, Mountain Lake, second place, grades 3-4 fiction; Ethan Schroeder, Mountain Lake, second place, grades 5-6 fiction; Sam Petersen, Mountain Lake, third place, grades 5-6 fiction; Luke Klasssen, Mountain Lake, third place, grades 7-8 fiction; Marah Darling, Worthington, second place, grades 9-10 fiction; Eli Johnson, Bingham Lake, third place, grades 9-10 fiction; Ashley Noerenberg, Worthington, third place, grades 11-12 fiction.