WORTHINGTON — Independent School District 518’s six-year streak of failed building referendums came to an end Tuesday.

Worthington school district residents approved all three of the district’s referendum questions. By just 19 votes, the district was given the green light to sell $33.7 million in general obligation bonds to construct a new intermediate school designed to educate 900 third, fourth and fifth grade students along North Crailsheim Road.

Voters also approved the district’s proposal to refinance $14 million in debt so that agriculture property becomes eligible for the Ag2Schools tax credit, which will increase to 70% by 2023.

The unofficial results are as follows:

  1. $26.7 million intermediate: 1,780 YES to 1,644 NO

  2. $33.7 million intermediate: 1,719 YES to 1,700 NO

  3. Refinance $14 million to become eligible for tax credit: 1,760 YES 1,662 NO

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