WORTHINGTON — Nancy Johnson’s first-graders at St. Mary’s School were asked: What would you make for Thanksgiving if you were in charge?

Below are their answers:

For Thanksgiving, I would make chicken. I would make mashed potatoes with gravy. For dessert, I would serve ice cream with chocolate syrup. I would set the table with chicken napkins and chicken plastic forks and chicken paper plates.


For Thanksgiving, I would make a turkey and have apples. I would make mashed potatoes with gravy. For dessert, ice cream with strawberries. I would set a clean table.


For Thanksgiving, I would decorate my house and make my house full of Thanksgiving stuff. I would make something really delicious like turkey and apples and salad and strawberries. I would have strawberries and melted chocolate for dessert.


I would make a vanilla cake for Thanksgiving. I will play tag. I will make turkey. I will put flowers on the table so it can look beautiful.


I would serve turkey. We would drink lemonade. Maybe have a picnic. I love meat so I will have steak, too. We’ll have ice cream for dessert.

Noah H.

I will make some tacos. Then I’ll cook some macaroni and then I’ll cook some eggs. I’ll make some popcorn and some toast for everybody. Last, I’ll cook the turkey. I’m going to give a present to my mom and dad and my little sister.


I would make spaghetti and grilled cheese with tomato soup. For dessert, I would make doughnuts. I’m not sure how to make them. We will drink grape juice.

Noah J.

I will make a sweet meal. I will have chocolate cookies and apple juice. I will decorate the table like a rainbow.

Brianna M.

I would make mashed potatoes with gravy and turkey. I will put strawberries around the turkey and more fruits. I will have lettuce and carrots and other healthy stuff in it. I will have some chips. I’ll have ranch for the lettuce and buffalo sauce for the turkey and hot sauce for the turkey, too. I will have Sprite and Coca Cola and some water to drink. My dessert will be some popsicles.


I would make turkey and cookies and milk. I will decorate the table with a mat.


I will make a chocolate cookie and doughnuts that have sprinkles. I will make spaghetti. I will drink apple juice. I will put plates on the table and then food on the plates.


I will make chicken for Thanksgiving. I will make french-fries and bread. I will drink chocolate and white milk.


I will make turkey and a little bit of gravy and potatoes. Then I get a strawberry shake for my mom, a vanilla shake for my dad, an apple shake for my sister, and an orange shake for my brother and me, I’m going to get a banana shake.

Brianna A.

I will make pizza for Thanksgiving. We will have milk. We will have ice cream with chocolate.