WORTHINGTON — Steve Schnieder and Linden Olson of the Independent School District 518 school board, together with more than 125 school board members from across Minnesota, debated and voted on potential statewide policies that were the focus of education legislation during the legislative session at the annual Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) Delegate Assembly, hosted Dec. 7 in Minneapolis.

Good grassroots policymaking begins when school boards or school board members identify an issue that needs to be resolved or a new idea to be considered and submit a proposed solution to MSBA in the form of a resolution. A resolution is a written motion adopted by a deliberative body — in MSBA’s case, the Delegate Assembly. More than 60 proposed resolutions were submitted in September to be vetted through the process. The final 28 resolutions were presented and voted on at the Delegate Assembly.

Noteworthy resolutions debated this year included school safety and mental health funding, Youth Skills Training programs and school district facilities maintenance funding.