WORTHINGTON — At the suggestion of Superintendent John Landgaard, the Independent School District 518 Board of Education decided at a Tuesday work session to explore updates to the current organizational structure of district staff.

Landgaard presented the current organizational chart and noted that it follows both positions and programs, which makes the chain of command confusing to navigate.

"It's a general overview based on where you want to go in the future," he explained. The organizational chart informs which positions are hired for and added in the future, and it dictates costs to the district.

By the fall of 2022 there may be as many as five buildings in the district, which will change the distribution of personnel, Landgaard said.

Board member Linden Olson was most concerned that any change in staff organization "cuts the number of direct reports to (Landgaard)," adding that the superintendent needs to free up time to spend on things that aren't getting done.

"I agree, there are things I should be doing that I'm not getting to," Landgaard said. He suggested that if the board wants to add an administrator under him, they go with a director of instruction rather than an assistant superintendent.

Board president Brad Shaffer said if such a position were added, the person needs to have real authority, not just be micromanaged by the superintendent.

However the potential changes shake out, it's important they contribute to better education for kids, noted board member Joel Lorenz.

“Hiring administrators is just as important at this point in time as hiring teachers,” Shaffer said — and a clarified organizational chart would help explain why that is.

“I think the timing is right to make the change,” said board member Mike Harberts. The other board members agreed.

Shaffer suggested the board get parent feedback “to make sure they’re on board with this as well.”

Landgaard agreed that public meetings are necessary so any changes don't come as a shock to parents.