MINNEOTA — The Worthington Trojan Speech Team attended the Minneota Viking Tournament on Feb. 8 and placed second.

Individual place winners were:

Extemporaneous Reading: Evi Garcia, sixth place. Extemporaneous Speaking: Victor Villalobos, third place.Great Speeches: Cynthia Souksavath, third place. Humorous Expression: Katie O’Donnell, first place; Oziel Briones, sixth place. Original Oratory: Jenna Hoffman, fourth\u0009place; Alondra Leon Flores, fifth place. Poetry: Samara Nordby, fourth place; Arely Martinez, sixth place. Serious Prose: Nedoh Gyi, third place.Storytelling: Alicia Robles, seventh place.

The Trojans are coached by Erin Makela, Brandon Caster and Linda Neugebauer. The team will compete in Luverne on Saturday.