WORTHINGTON — As soon as Gov. Tim Walz announced Sunday afternoon that all Minnesota schools would close starting today, local community members began working to make sure that while they're out of school, Worthington-area school kids will still get to eat.

Knowing that some children in Independent School District 518 are dependent on free and reduced lunches for their nourishment, about 30 community members met Monday morning to begin packaging bags of food that were then delivered to the school buildings.

Funding was donated by the Sharing Seeds initiative of First Lutheran Church. The church also provided the space for creating an assembly line, where community members could grab a grocery bag and walk down the line of healthy snacks and non-perishables, grabbing a item or two from each bin before tying the handles together and placing each bag in a large plastic tote.

The totes were labeled by grade level and delivered via pickup truck to each of Worthington's schools.

The group packaged about two months' worth of food Monday, and will re-evaluate needs as the coronavirus recommendations develop.

"Sharing Seeds will do everything we can to make sure students don't go hungry while school is not in session," shared Erin Schutte Wadzinski.

Anyone who wants to contribute financially to the efforts of Sharing Seeds may write a check to First Lutheran Church with "Sharing Seeds" in the subject line.

As of Monday morning, Pastor Jeanette McCormick had already received a number of checks from community members and organizations. She expressed thanks for the donations, as well as for those who were able to help package food.