WORTHINGTON — District 518 seventh-graders completed a project last week that introduced them to the skill of hand sewing.

"I wasn't sure when we'd be in school, so I picked something simple," said Family and Consumer Science (FACS) teacher Katie Klosterbuer.

Before the students came to their FACS lab, Klosterbuer assigned them to watch a video demonstration of sewing a simple pencil case. When they arrived in class last week, she asked the seventh-graders to recall what they remembered from the demo. She then walked them through the process step-by-step, showing them how to do a running stitch along the sides and add a button to the flap while the students followed along on their own fabric.

The project was a hit with students.

"Now I can make my own stuff at home," said Sebastian Kron. "I can make stuff for my mom — I could make her a whole purse.

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"I never have to buy another pencil case again," he added. "I could just make one every year."

Learning to sew is sure to come in handy, some students thought. Lucas Hohenstein thought of a sweatshirt he owns that has a hole in the sleeve. With his new-found sewing ability, he should be able to patch the hole himself, he said.

The motor skills needed for sewing came more easily to some students than others, but Klosterbuer was on hand to guide them through the steps and answer questions.

When their pencil cases were complete, the seventh-graders were proud of their handiwork.