WORTHINGTON ― The Globe is excited to announce a new partnership with local student reporters, as beginning with the Dec. 2 edition, The Globe will publish work by members of the Trojan News class at Worthington High School.

"I am looking forward to giving my students a larger audience for their work," said Anne Greenway, who teaches the class.

As part of Trojan News, students learn what it means to be a journalist, including a study of media literacy and presentation bias. They look at real-world examples of news reporting and reflect on how they can learn from the strengths and weaknesses of each article.

"Students in Trojan News work hard to learn what it takes to be a journalist, and it's fun to see their hard work showcased," Greenway said.

As a professional courtesy, The Globe will open Trojan News stories to all readers, regardless of membership status.

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Stay tuned for Dec. 2 to support the efforts of local students.