Ex-Worthington man begins to resolve five open criminal cases

WORTHINGTON -- A former Worthington man submitted an extensive plea agreement in an attempt to begin resolving some of his five open criminal cases.

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WORTHINGTON - A former Worthington man submitted an extensive plea agreement in an attempt to begin resolving some of his five open criminal cases.

Terry Entinger, 42, of Heron Lake, pleaded guilty to two counts of felony fifth-degree drug possession (not a small amount) on two separate cases Wednesday in Nobles County District Court.

The charges stem from law enforcement discovering one gram of methamphetamine in Entinger’s shoe in April 2017, as well as his participation in smoking meth at a hotel room gathering in Worthington that resulted in a law enforcement search.  

If sentenced in accordance with the plea agreement, Entinger would receive a dispositional departure and a stay of execution. He would not be required to serve local jail time should he comply with the terms of his five-year supervised probation. A total of six charges, which includes those on an entire file, would be dismissed.

Acceptance of Entinger’s plea is contingent on him being admitted into Minnesota Cornerstone Treatment Court.


Entinger’s results in treatment court could affect disposition on two other outstanding cases in which he is charged with two counts of violating predatory offender registration requirements and and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition. Those two cases will be continued no earlier than nine months to determine if Entinger is making progress and committing to a sober lifestyle.

With five unresolved cases, Fifth Judicial District Judge Gordon Moore told Entinger he had a lot hinging on his commitment to treatment court.

“What I’m seeing is that the state is giving you a last chance to get your act together,” Moore said. “You’ve been given an excellent opportunity given the seriousness and criminal history. You need to do all it takes to avoid relapsing.”

Entinger has fifth-degree drug possession convictions in 2013 and 2014.

Moore deferred acceptance or rejection of the plea agreement pending completion of a presentence investigation, sentencing guidelines worksheet, chemical use assessment, chemical dependency assessment and admittance into treatment court.  

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