Friends discover their second KTD medallion

WORTHINGTON -- Lydia Mick and Stacie Nagel set out again Monday to hunt for this year's King Turkey Day medallion, an activity that has become a staple of their friendship.

Friends Stacie Nagel (from left) and Lydia Mick each receive $50 in Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce bucks from KTD president Terri Odell for having found this year's King Turkey Day medallion. (Alyssa Sobotka / The Globe)

WORTHINGTON - Lydia Mick and Stacie Nagel set out again Monday to hunt for this year’s King Turkey Day medallion, an activity that has become a staple of their friendship.

Their biannual medallion hunt around Worthington ended in receiving $100 in Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce bucks after successfully interpreting the clues that led them to the bronze-colored coin in the landscaping around the Worthington Fire Hall. They’ll split their earnings 50-50.

The friends said they had searched the Olson Park Campground area on more than one occasion, as well as near the train tracks.

“The steam (clue) made us think it was near the train tracks,” Mick said.

After reevaluating Monday’s clue, the phrase ‘let’s see how many answer the call’ put them back on the right track.


Using only the first two clues, the friends searched during their lunch breaks on Monday and Tuesday as well as briefly Tuesday morning before finding it later that evening.   

The friends’ medallion find was not their first. The duo found the 2015 KTD medallion that was hidden underneath a stump in Worthington’s Slater Park.

That was their first hunt together, and they’ve been participating in KTD and Winterfest Medallion hunts together ever since.

“It’s one of the first things we had done together as friends,” Nagel said, who met Mick at Worthington Christian Church. “I hadn’t been (in Worthington) very long.”

“And I was trying to teach you where everything was in town,” Mick chimed in.

The friends did not have much advice for other hunters.

“We don’t want other people to win,” Nagel said jokingly, as the duo plans to continue their friendship tradition in the future.

Here are the other clues that were scheduled to be published for the medallion hunt:



It's time once again for King Turkey Day

Time to jump into a game that we play.

The Medallion Hunt is a favorite for all,

Let's see how many answer the call.


From the North Star to the Lone Star is this year's theme.

Winning this game is everyone's dream,


To join in the hunt, look for your team.

Keep them all searching - don't run out of steam.


Some hunt in daytime, some hunt at night

Under the stars or in the sunlight

The seekers are varied - there's no stereotype

To find this medallion, you'll earn your stripe


The turnout is heavy each year for this lark,

One little clue can cause such a spark.

A spot that you know or a shot in the dark?

Decipher the clues and every remark.


Paycheck's team gathers more than to race,

Follow their tracks - you'll end up in this place.

Under the stars and the stripes red and white,

Do you know where I am? Find out if you're right!

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