Frodermann bids farewell to Love INC

WORTHINGTON -- After six years of dedicated service to Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC) of Worthington, executive director Brian Frodermann finished his last day with the organization Thursday.

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Brian Frodermann

WORTHINGTON -- After six years of dedicated service to Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC) of Worthington, executive director Brian Frodermann finished his last day with the organization Thursday.

Though he has a significant history with Love INC, Frodermann wasn’t part of the initial process to create it. In 2009, a small group of ministers and community members were looking for a way to bring churches together to address various needs in the community. After exploring different options, they found a model that would benefit the area.

“They went down to Sheldon, Iowa, which is the next closest Love INC affiliate, and observed what they had going there,” Frodermann explained. “They fell in love with it and said, ‘This is what we need in Worthington,’ so they came back and formed a development committee that really worked on laying the foundation and the groundwork.”

From there, a board of directors formed in January 2010, and Frodermann was hired with the organization in June of the same year.

“I was friends with someone who was on the original board, and as they were working to develop the ministry, he was telling me about it,” he said. “The more he told me about it, the more I thought, ‘Wow, that’s a really neat ministry. It would be great to see that happen.’


“Then, when they got to the point of hiring, he said, ‘Hey, we’re actually going to have a staff position, and I think you might be interested in it,’” he continued. “They threw my name in the hat, and I guess the rest is history.”

Frodermann became the first staff member as executive director, and since then the organization has added two more full-time people, Amy Khamphanh and Vandenn Krouch.

Working with people in the community of Worthington is one of the main things that Frodermann has enjoyed in his time at Love INC.

“I just love to see churches working together, and there’s a great ecumenical spirit in Worthington. The churches really want to work together,” he said.

“I am passionate about holistic help, or just giving people a hand-up instead of a handout, and so the Love INC model really does that,” he continued. “It comes alongside people and helps them to get back on their feet and overcome obstacles, rather than just keeping them in need.”

Additionally, Frodermann has been grateful to have many dedicated volunteers support the ministry of the organization.

“I enjoy equipping other people for ministry,” he said. “We have a couple hundred volunteers in our database that help out in a variety of ways, and so it was exciting to grow that and get more and more people involved.”

The diversity of Worthington is something Frodermann has been grateful to have experienced through his position, and in the short time Love INC has existed, it has created several ministries that offer assistance to people of all situations and backgrounds.


“What Love INC has accomplished in six years really is amazing,” he said. “I think it’s a testimony to what only God can do when churches work together. We started with a helpline that screens needs and connects callers with existing resources in the community, and then we were able to add Gap Ministries, which provide direct resources and services to people.”

In addition to the current programs, the organization is working on a new one to help struggling individuals regroup and move forward.

“We are in the initial phases of what we call our ‘Growing Hope’ program, which is an education and support group that encourages people through difficult times and helps them get on their own two feet again,” Frodermann said.

Frodermann stated that Love INC’s growth has been constant, and has been made possible by the staff, board of directors and community all working together.

“It’s been exciting because there’s always something new to develop, something new to work on,” he said. “I’ve always had a wonderful board of directors to work with, and so that has continually motivated me and given me the support that I needed in the position.”

His other source of inspiration comes from the achievements of the people whose lives are impacted by Love INC.

“One of the things that became more and more encouraging the longer I was with Love INC was seeing the success stories,” Frodermann said. “Because of our long-term approach to help people, we don’t always see the immediate results, but getting to hear the testimonies more has been very encouraging.”

Despite his passion and love for his occupation, Frodermann says Love INC needs a greater commitment than what he is able to give while ensuring that the goals of his family are accomplished.


“It’s hard for me to step out at this point in time because I’m so excited about what the future holds, especially with our growing hope program and continuing to improve that, but I felt that for the sake of Love INC, it was better for me to step out and allow someone else to come in that could really give it the leadership it needed,” he explained.

While Frodermann is leaving the main role of Love INC behind, the board of directors has a positive outlook and plan moving forward.

“The Love INC board is excited about what the future holds,” said board member Karen Caraway. “Looking at paid staff, we are considering various options with the staff that we currently employ for the hiring of a new director, and are considering how else we can grow to continue to develop the ministry.”

Additionally, Caraway said that the organization has made great progress, and it plans to continue expanding in the time to come.

“It’s so exciting here at Love INC,” she said. “The transformational part of our ministry here is just really getting started. We’ve really worked hard to get to that point, and we are very excited to see how this goes forward.”

Her thoughts were echoed by Frodermann, who believes in the potential of those involved with the group.

“With it being hard for me to step away, I also am very confident because of our board of directors and the other two staff, Amy and Vandenn, are just amazing and solid,” Frodermann said. “I am very confident that the ministry will continue to grow and go forward with the existing board and staff.”

Frodermann and his family will be relocating to Sioux Falls, S.D., where he will be employed at Plunkett’s Pest Control.

In honor of Frodermann’s service to the organization, Love INC will host a public gathering and farewell from 1 to 3 p.m. July 17 at Ludlow Park.

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