WORTHINGTON — The Nobles County Jail will soon begin housing sex offenders from Nobles and Rock counties and supervising their efforts to secure suitable housing and employment, after the Nobles County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the program at their meeting Tuesday.

Nobles County Jail Administrator Monette Berkevich said the contract would apply to Nobles and Rock county sex offenders who are eligible to be released from jail. At a $65 daily rate, the individuals may continue to be housed at the Nobles County Jail while they seek housing and employment. Housing and job seekers staying at the jail under the Minnesota Department of Corrections' 3/4 housing agreement would wear ankle monitors in the community.

Berkevich said the agreement, which begins Aug. 1, will benefit the county. It will allow law enforcement the opportunity to gauge the newly-released individuals' habits, places they frequent and who they hang out with.

"There's no better way to get to know that than if they're living with you," she said, adding that the program will be used infrequently. "We believe it's a good thing to do in the future for public safety.

The agreement will not require additional staffing. Each case will be reevaluated by the DOC on a 60-day basis.

"Hopefully through some programming we have we'll give them the tools they need to maybe not reoffend," Berkevich said.