WORTHINGTON - The Worthington City Council approved its 2018 budget and tax levy Monday night.


The $3,965,721 net levy represents a 7.89 percent increase over last year. The number is lower than the $3.99 million levy council members pre-approved in September

The 2018 budget - which totals more than $41 million  - identifies $991,000 in state-aid funding to pay for a replacement to the 10th Avenue bridge that runs over Whiskey Ditch onto Park Avenue. The city receives a certain amount of state-aid money for road construction funding every year, and the bridge replacement project was placed high on the priority list.


The inclusion is a victory for council member Mike Harmon, who pushed for a new bridge and even said he wouldn’t support a new budget if funding for the bridge replacement wasn’t included.


The bridge will be completely realigned to create a better angle for cars turning onto Park Avenue. Council members agree the current angle is dangerous.


Engineering firm SEH will create plans for the new bridge at a cost of $58,420.

The city will attempt to get bonding money from the state for the bridge, though a bonding bill during the 2018 session looks unlikely.


“If we don’t get it done in 2018, then 2019 at the very least,” Harmon said.


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