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Worthington Fire Department earns federal grant

WORTHINGTON — The Worthington Fire Department will soon update its gear.

Thanks to securing a matching grant from the Federal Emergency Management Association and five percent contribution from Worthington City Council, the department will be able to replace its aged turnout gear and self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA).

“A lot of this stuff is really hard to budget for,” Worthington Fire Chief Rick von Holdt told city council members during Monday night’s meeting.

City council members unanimously approved contributing $15,647 to the $332,953 allotment from the federal agency.

The $348,600 will fund 38 SCBA units, two extra face masks and 35 sets of turnout gear.

Von Holdt said the department’s current turnout gear is 13 years old, surpassing the 10-year recommended replacement.

Council members discussed potentially donating the replaced equipment to neighboring towns’ fire departments or utilizing it for training purposes.

“Thanks to you, Rick, and the fire department for being aggressive and going after this grant,” Worthington Mayor Mike Kuhle said.