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City of Worthington seeks movie theater input

WORTHINGTON — The city of Worthington’s due diligence period in bringing a city-owned movie theatre continues this week.

The city recently released a survey to gauge the public’s interest in supporting an approximately 5 to 7 percent levy increase to bring a theatre to town. As of late Tuesday morning, 66 percent (90 votes) said they would support the increase and 34 percent (46 votes) said they wouldn’t. The survey can be found online.

Due to what City Administrator Steve Robinson said would require a significant amount of city investment, the survey will remain open for a couple of weeks to get what he considers a good amount of public input.

Worthington City Council members are also set to consider two recent proposals during a 4 p.m. special city council meeting at City Hall.

While each has similarities, Robinson said more consideration is being given at this point to the proposal that would require less investment from the city. In that proposal, the city would own the property and building, but an operator would provide equipment and lease it back.