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FULL STORY: Most sections of Thompson Hotel’s roof need replacement, report says

Pictured are sections of the Thompson Hotel roof. (Special to The Globe)

WORTHINGTON — Repairs to the Thompson Hotel will be costly.

A recent report from Minneapolis consultant Inspec found that most of the hotel’s roof needs to be replaced to fix leaking and other roof-related issues. The total cost would range from $210,600 to $275,400, with an additional $44,000 added if it’s found that extra insulation would be needed to meet contemporary building codes.

Inspec’s John Peterson recommended 21 different repairs, but also said the city of Worthington should replace seven of the roof’s nine sections, each of which have one year or less of service life remaining.

“No extensive repairs will ensure a leak-free roof system for any extended period of time,” Peterson wrote in the report.

That’s just for the roof. Peterson said the building has a number of wall stabilization issues that need to be addressed prior to — or in conjunction with — the roof replacement at an estimated cost of $100,000.

Addressed the building’s mold issues and remaining pests would bring on even more costs. The cost of the work could be assessed back to the property owners, but at this point it’s unclear if that cost would be able to be paid back.

Jason Brisson, community and economic development director, noted during Monday’s Worthington City Council meeting that it might take a long time for the city to get its money back, if it even got repaid at all. Also complicating the matter is the fact that Wells Fargo is the mortgage holder for the building, leading council members to wonder if foreclosure is a possibility.

“If the high assessment would force the the owners into bankruptcy or foreclosure, or something of that matter, it’s hard to say how that would play out,” Brisson said.

However, that possibility, and the large cost to replace sections of the roof, did not deter council members. The council directed the city to get bids for roof reconstruction in hopes of getting work done this year.

“We have reports from our law enforcement and from our building officials to say that it’s unsafe unsanitary conditions,” said councilman Alan Oberloh. “So, we would not be good stewards trying to help the people out there if we did nothing.”

Council members all but ruled out the idea of demolishing the building. Besides the many businesses it hosts, City Administrator Steve Robinson noted that the 39-unit apartment building has a lot of value, as it costs at least $115,000 to build a single apartment unit.  

“It would cost $4.5 million to replace what’s there, so whatever investment is made, keep that in relation to what it would cost to replace those 39 units,” he said.

“Keep in mind these are not normal-sized units,” added councilman Mike Harmon.