WORTHINGTON — Following a series of public hearings, the Worthington City Council voted in favor of adopting assessments for water and sewer extensions.

Water and sewer were assessed for properties along North Crailsheim Drive — from Fox Farm Road to the ALC/gymnastics building and some Minnesota West housing — at an interest rate of 3.6% over 15 years. Properties along West Gateway Drive were assessed at 3.6% for 15 years, 1616 W. Oxford St. at 8% for 15 years; and 1147 W. Lake Ave. at 0% for 1 year. Additional assessments for unpaid charges on removal of ice and snow, solid waste and noxious weeds and vegetation were also adopted.

At the request of Independent School District 518 Superintendent John Landgaard, the council agreed to reduce the assessment to the school district by deleting 950 feet of frontage from the total, as that property is not planned for further development and will not need water and sewer connection.

If assessments are paid by Nov. 13, no interest will be accrued. Starting Nov. 14, interest is attached to payments. If the first installment of an assessment is not paid by Nov. 15, it can no longer be paid directly to the city and will be assessed through the county with taxes.

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