ST. PAUL — After months of stonewalling along party lines, the Minnesota Legislature finally passed a bonding bill Thursday afternoon that will allow three local projects to move forward.

The Red Rock Rural Water System will get a $5.5 million boost, with funding for a new water treatment plant, a new water tower and about 110 miles of new water main.

The Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water System will be able to expand its well network thanks to the bonding bill, using funds ($5.75 million) to build a water softening treatment plant and new water distribution pipes.

The bill also provides $1 million in funding to rebuild Ellsworth City Hall, which burned down last year.

"It was a bill worth voting for," said District 22 Senator Bill Weber, R-Luverne, in a Facebook video posted shortly after Thursday's Senate floor session. "I have always and will continue to put the interests of Senate District 22 in southwest Minnesota first."

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Weber was one of 64 senators to vote in favor of the bonding bill. In the House, both District 22A Rep. Joe Schomacker, R-Luverne, and District 22B Rep. Rod Hamilton, R-Mountain Lake, voted in favor of the bill, along with 98 other state representatives.

Being approved by both chambers of the state legislature, the bonding bill now goes to the desk of Gov. Tim Walz. He has indicated his intent to sign the bill.