WORTHINGTON — The Worthington Economic Development Authority (EDA) authorized up to $360,000 in CARES Act disbursements on Tuesday as county and city officials continued work on just how to distribute the program’s remaining funds.

Earlier Tuesday, the Nobles County Board of Commissioners met in a special session and discussed specific funding amounts for multiple health care facilities and schools. After discussion about allocations, a motion to distribute the grants as initially presented failed on a 3-2 vote.

Ultimately, the board voted in another 3-2 decision to forward what Nobles County Commissioner Gene Metz described as a recommendation back to a joint subcommittee — composed of two Worthington EDA members and two county commissioners — with amended funding amounts for some health care facilities and schools. That subcommittee, on which EDA members Alan Oberloh and Larry Janssen serve, then convened Tuesday afternoon, just prior to the EDA meeting.

The complete list of organizations slated to receive funds in this latest and final round of CARES funding includes: nursing homes (South Shore Care Center and Crossroads Care Center of Worthington and Parkview Manor of Ellsworth); assisted living facilities (Golden Horizons and Ecumen Meadows of Worthington, Adrian Country Living Cottages and Sunrise View Assisted Living of Adrian); developmental disabilities agencies (Client Community Services Inc., Habilitative Services Inc. and New Dawn Inc., all of Worthington); congregate living facilities (Prairie House, Unity House and Homestead Senior Living of Worthington); developmental disabilities day programs (The Achievement Center-Hope Haven of Worthington and the Nobles County Developmental Achievement Center); food shelves (Manna Food Pantry of Worthington and the Worthington Christian Food Shelf); and the Worthington Area YMCA. The sum of each of those entities’ allocations is currently $360,000.

Meanwhile, a list of schools requesting CARES dollars — a list that was altered somewhat by the county board’s action Tuesday morning — adds up to $105,000. On Tuesday afternoon, the city EDA opted to act only on approving disbursement of the up-to-$360,000 total that doesn’t include schools. This doesn’t include exact funding totals for each of the to-be-funded agencies, but merely the composite “up to” amount.

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The EDA’s action also grants Worthington City Administrator Steve Robinson and Assistant City Administrator/Director of Economic Development Jason Brisson the authority to act as needed to make last-minute changes that may be necessary.

“The county’s deadline is Nov. 30, whereas the EDA’s deadline is Nov. 15,” Brisson elaborated. “There is some work left to be done to determine the funding amounts for schools — and clinics and hospitals, which were always intended to be disbursed by the county — so the subcommittee decided it would be better to have the county fund those entities instead of the EDA. This gives the subcommittee an additional two weeks to work out the rest of the funding amounts.”

The EDA’s unanimous vote on the funding dollars also adds that approval of CARES dollars be subject to the following:

  • Each entity must submit a valid W-9.

  • Each entity must submit an executed affidavit stating that any funds they receive from the EDA will be used solely for qualifying expenditures as defined by the Minnesota Department of Management and Budget (MMB) guidelines (included with the affidavit) before their awards will be disbursed.

  • Each entity must submit an executed affidavit stating that if requested by the city of Worthington, the entity will provide financial records of their organization to the city demonstrating that any funds they receive from the EDA will be used solely for qualifying expenditures as defined by the MMB guidelines before their awards will be disbursed.

Any money remaining in the county/EDA CARES program must go back to the state.

In other business Tuesday, the EDA approved joint powers agreements between it, Nobles County and the city of Wilmont — as well as it, the county and Westside Township — for assistance with small business assistance grant program administration and disbursements. The EDA also authorized the disbursement of CARES program funds to area businesses given the small business assistance grants as part of the previous round of funding,