ST. PAUL — Minnesota lawmakers on Wednesday, Aug. 25, continued a series of constituent listening sessions as they prepare to redraw the state's legislative districts following the results of the 2020 Census.

Heads of the state's ethnic advisory councils, public interest groups and residents living in Minnesota's 5th Congressional District stepped up to the virtual microphone to share their perspectives and to urge transparency as the Legislature determines how new districts ought to be drawn.

The task is set to come before the divided Legislature and is widely expected to be kicked to the courts for resolution. Lawmakers or judges have to divide the state into state legislative and congressional districts of even population, but deciding which communities fit into those boundaries can spur partisan disagreements.

The bulk of Minnesota's population growth was reported in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, with smaller pockets of growth in Rochester and St. Cloud and their surrounding areas. House lawmakers were set to speak with constituents from each of the state's congressional districts as they weigh potential shifts in the state's legislative maps. State senators have also started their own hearings on redistricting.

Minnesota narrowly kept its eight U.S. House seats as a result of the state's population count.

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