Iowa resident arrested on domestic assault charge

The alleged victim said they feared for their life.

Jesse Jennings

ROUND LAKE โ€” The Nobles County Sheriff's Office arrested an Iowa man on a warrant last week after a report that he had assaulted a Round Lake resident.

Deputies responded to the residence Nov. 21 for a report of domestic violence. The victim was described as "visibly upset, shaking and crying" in the criminal complaint.

The victim explained that Jesse Jennings, 40, of Alton, Iowa, had learned that another man was texting the victim and became enraged. He then allegedly walked over to the victim, grabbed them by the neck, put both thumbs in the middle of the neck and choked the victim, saying, "Iโ€™m going to choke the life out of you."

Another household member then reportedly walked into the room, and Jennings stopped choking the victim. The witness told officers that they heard Jennings tell the victim he would force the victim to love him.

The victim said that other domestic violence had occurred in the relationship in the past, but this was the first time the victim had felt afraid for their life.


Before law enforcement arrived, Jennings fled the scene.

He was tracked down on a warrant and arrested Dec. 2, and charged with domestic assault by strangulation and threats of violence, both felonies. The domestic assault charge carries a maximum possible sentence of three years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine, but if he's convicted, Jennings will be sentenced based on criminal history.

Jennings was released from Nobles County Jail Dec. 3 after posting non-cash bond. A Domestic Abuse No Contact Order was issued for the victim throughout the court proceedings.

Jennings is scheduled for an initial court appearance this afternoon.

The Southwest Crisis Center is available in our community to support and empower survivors of sexual and domestic violence. For questions about services or how you can help, contact the Southwest Crisis Center at 1-800-376-4311 or .

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